Thursday, April 5, 2012

Village on the Sea

Here is a village I did yesterday as part of my personal project, The Old Man and the Sea.The rules were that the genre had a feeling that was post-apocalyptic + sci fi, the location was a village on a man made structure in the middle of the ocean, the village condition is poor, weathered and broken down, and the population is 500-1000 people.

I looked at a lot of sunken ships and oil rigs when I was thinking about the piece, my thumbnails are in the previous post. I wanted to do a ship wreck, but thought it would make more sense in a deep sea scenario if a ship hull got incorporated into a deep sea structure like an oil rig. keeping it sci fi, I took the idea of a cruise liner and moderned it up a bit. I thought it might be neat if the people from the village had salvaged its reactor core and were using it to power the village.

Here is what I ended up with, step by step.

My rough under-drawing with the idea of what I was thinking.

Basic blocking in of the shapes.

Some refining, messing around with the atmosphere.

More detail, messing with colors.

Further refining. I thought the reactor glow was too cutesy, so I messed with it, tweaked some things that weren't looking right.

I'm showing it at a critique this evening, so I may have additional changes to make after I get some feedback.

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