Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and that

Here are some different scraps of things I've been working on...

^New one hour paintover. It's pretty faithful to the photo, but I messed with the color some.

^ New thumbnails I did this morning. I need to show gameplay/ character progression better, so I am trying to do a couple pieces that give a sense of movement through an environment, with cover and a destination.

^Revamping an old 1 hour painting. spring show is coming up, I am looking at messing with a few of my pieces and seeing if I can make them nice for submission.

^Technical drawings of some of the formations from the above piece in line.

 ^Idea for a space ship. Not finished.

^Tinkering with my old man environment piece.

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  1. you are a remarkable artist and I look to your for inspiration... love to me you someday!