Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm resurfacing for air. What a couple of months it's been - new job, new car, new apartment, cats... Things have been nuts. In between working and moving and side projects, I've done a few doodles, so I'll just upload those for now. I'll be at PAX next week if anyone is going. Definitely excited for some of the talks, I love that show.

This started off as a one hour, but turned more into a 2 hour, since I decided to add textures and punch it up a bit. I've been playing with more overt texture use as a stylistic thing (not to mention speed thing) as well as using stamping and the custom shape tool.

This one is a similar story - speed painting, but pushing textures and saturation.

I have a side project going where I'm doing a deck of cards - each suit is a fairy tale and takes place in a season, so that's 10 cards to tell the story and the face cards for the characters. I initially wanted to do it for APE since I'm tabling with some friends this year, but that will definitely not happen in time. Still, it's a fun project. Here are some of the cards:

The last one isn't for my project, it was a gift for a friend's car-building project. Anyway, I like the style, so it should be a fun little side project.