Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Revising Shemising

I'm trying to practice revising and refinement. So here are some revisions of the pieces I've been revisiting.

Revising the speed paint from Monday.

This one is being a problem child. It wants ALL the attention because the contrast and depth are all wonked. What do you want from me, ice rock?! USE YOUR WORDS. (I'm losing my mind, is it that obvious?)

Continuing to push the obelisk cave. Trying to pull those right formations into a more emphasized foreground.

I tore apart this piece. My instructor Chris Petrocchi, drew on it a little and that freed up my mind to remove the existing structure and just try something else. I think it's looking better. Even when I'm not exactly happy with a piece I feel like I'm at least learning, the way a deranged transient learns that cement is really hard from banging his/her head against it. Or maybe it's not really like that. What day is it?

Just changed the color scheme around. I think it looks pretty neat in cool colors too.

Also, my blog has nearly 5000 page views? People actually look at this? I should put up something great for everyone. Here, enjoy this hedgehog cuddling a raspberry for your troubles:

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