Sunday, January 12, 2014


I've been working on some side projects lately that have been hindering my personal work, but I figured I'd post a few odds and ends that have been rattling around.

First, I'm really into the art of Banner Saga. It looks very similar to Eyevind Earle and I imagine it was inspired by him, he was a serious badass. Some examples of his badassery:


Just really beautiful shapes, it's like the bastard child of a cartoon a UPA cartoon and an ukiyo-e. Actually, Earle was instrumental in Disney work like Sleeping Beauty. So anyway, I thought that was neat and decided to do a few little clumsy doodles inspired by it his style:

It's really tricky to figure out since the style is so streamlined, I felt like I was drawing with my feet. I'd like to get more time to try it out... frankly I think I'd need to get some custom stamp brushes set up to really give it a go. Cheating, cheating.

And here are a couple of quicky photo-mashup plain environments. The first one was a for fun Tatooine doodle, the second is for a personal project: