Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painting people

Painting people... is hard. I had some down time (LIES I am supposed to do like 30 guns this week) so I decided to give it a shot. I expect to get a lot better at this soon since I'm taking a portrait painting summer class starting in a week. But who really wants to wait for instruction?? Let's dive in and get our hands dirty, shall we?

Reapers: make my day.
I picked Commander Shepard because 1) I am a Mass Effect fan and 2) when you're doing something hard you might as well be enthusiastic about the subject matter. And obviously I picked a female Shepard because if the galaxy was on the line it would have to be a woman to get the job done. Also Jennifer Hale.

Right, this was supposed to be about art. The drawing came out okay, it took about 4 hours. Actually to be honest it was better than I expected. I think my painting this week has contributed, the last time I tried to paint a human from scratch it was... less good. But it's been a while and I've been pounding out drawings like Bioware pounds out hit game franchises (ok, I'll stop, really) so I think there are a lot of contributing factors. The face was hardest and I haven't really nailed it. I need to practice faces... so portrait painting should be convenient. Of course there is the oil painting aspect to it. But I'll burn that bridge as I come to it.

Another thing is the finishing. I feel like I /almost/ have a good painting. But it lacks some crispness and definition. I lacks a certain... something. This happens to me constantly. I will think about it.

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