Friday, June 3, 2011

Life Drawing Dump

Week 2 of my three week live model workshop is in the bag, so here are some of my  drawings from Thursday:

2 minute drawings
3 minute drawings

5-15 minute drawings
5-15 minute drawings

When I do drawings from live models I always try to keep myself excited by imagining them as characters or doing real things. Sometimes I will put costumes on them or transform them in some way. Sometimes I will alter the pose a little and use it as a reference instead of limiting myself to the model's repertoire of poses. (Some models are better than others but you need to make the most of each session!)

I've also been really detecting a pattern in my weaknesses and I think I need to strengthen my understanding of the male body. Now that I'm done with my 250 feet I think I'm going to try to knock out a bunch of fast figure drawings of men from photographs. At least there is the MLG Columbus StarCraft stream to keep me company while I draw... ;) Wish me luck!

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