Sunday, June 19, 2011

Painting for 6/19

Yesterday I took a trip to Half Moon Bay with some friends, so I didn't do my 3 hour painting. I did take a lot of nice pictures, so I thought I'd choose one to use for my painting today.

I'm getting up on my flickr quota and really I don't see the need to post so many in progress shots, the ones I've already posted do a good job of outlining my process. So here was the under layer:

And here was the finished 3 hour drawing:

I am still struggling between getting the foreground and background to look like they belong in the same place while keeping the colors bright. I find I feel like I need to sacrifice one or the other. Here it looks a little drab to me color-wise. Still, it don't come out too terribly. The trip was really fun and I got a lot of good photos.

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