Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heads practice

On my path of practicing the male body structure I've been cranking out some more heads. I'm trying to do 50 heads by Tuesday. I'm also trying to spend no more than about 10 minutes on each one, focusing on learning facial structure by observation and repetition. Given that MLG Columbus was this weekend and I'm focusing on male structure, I thought it was a nice opportunity to do some sketches of the pro gamers and casters from the tournament. I drew from photos to concentrate on accuracy, but given the limitations of speed drawings, I can't say I was super proud of the "finished" drawings.

Here are some of the photos I used:

EG Idra
EG INcontrol

Dignitas Naniwa

I basically just did a google image search of many of the gamers and casters from the tournament. Here are how the drawings came out:

Ugh. I know they're quick but I'm still feeling discouraged.
Even though they weren't bad drawings, some of the proportions and likenesses weren't the best. I decided to revisit the drawings this morning and make some tweaks and polish them up a little bit. Threw them into photoshop and made a lot of proportional adjustments. I also looked at the photos again to try and improve on the likenesses.

Much more stylized.
The first set of sketches were sort of idealized realism. I'm really working on a shift in my drawing style to something better suited for more typical "concept art." In my revisions I reverted to my more typical style, but I've still been working to enact some changes by making things sharper and more angular. I'm going for more "cool" and less "cute," with fewer organic shapes. 

Overall I'm pleased, but I still feel like I have a long way to go.

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