Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drawing for 6/21

Well, summer class has started. As expected it's going to be sort of rough and require a lot of time management to do it AND my summer goals. But I'm still going to do my best. Maybe if I can establish some efficient work ethic I can carry it into the fall semester and keep improving in the areas I care about outside of my classwork. I'd hoped in grad school that I would get more opportunities to focus in specific areas I want to improve in... while there are more opportunities than when I was an undergrad, there aren't as many as I'd hoped. I'm going to just work really hard to learn what I need myself and try not worry about my grades; as long as I'm getting benefit out of the courses that's what matters.

I am going to need to be really insane with the time management though. I'm going to try to bring the daily drawings down to 2 hours or so instead of 3. Today's was a 2 hour drawing inspired by this image:

"Peace Park Cliff Bottom" by chrissam42

I didn't do my drawing based off the whole image, just a portion of it:

Finished 2 hour drawing

It came out ok... I think I've been staring at it for a solid 2 hours so I don't like it as much right now. The rocks in the water turned out reasonably well. I feel like in drawings with lots of vegetation things can start feeling a little muddled, but when I look at it close up it seems pretty clear. There is a lot of blue in it though.

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  1. I think the upper right corner is really good. The cliffs really look like they're receding into the distance, because you used cool colors and lightened the values and added some atmosphere.