Saturday, February 16, 2013

Environment and 1 hr cinema paints

Here's an interior I've been picking at off and on over the past couple of days:

It's probably not done yet, technically it's a piece for my thesis. It's an apartment for an obsessive workaholic cop in New York City 2032. It's supposed to have that messy yet barely lived in sort of feel. I want some futuristic elements, but nothing groundbreaking since it's only 20 years ahead of where we are today. Do you think people will still use gmail in 20 years? It'll probably be upload to some sort of retina display by then... like... actual retinas.

A few of my friends have started doing 1 hour paintings from movie stills every day. After a week of jealous observation, I decided I would try to shoe-horn in one a day as well. The idea is to pick a stilled scene from a movie that looks cool and do a painting of it in an hour, pretty straightforward. I'm hoping it will increase my speed at painting people. Here are my first two:

#1 Skyfall
#2 Raiders
I think I'm going to try and get a blogger group going of friends of mine who are doing this, it could be fun. If I do I'll link to it at the top of this blog.

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