Friday, February 22, 2013

Character follow up

Some people liked the character I did yesterday, so here is some follow up work on her. Her name is Renee Murong, and she is a character for my thesis. I did a back view, some poses and alternate hair styles.

My thesis is a game about time travel. Renee plays a corporate investigator trying to ferret out white collar crime at a tech company by posing as an administrative assistant. Her time period is roughly 150 years in the future.

Some people remarked that she looks Mass Effect-y. I'm a big fan of Mass Effect and I definitely let some of that bleed into this design, especially the pistol in the poses ;) Sometimes you have to let yourself draw something you love.

A note - I tend not to go as all out with the rendering of back views. I may come back later and do so, but I usually find that if the materials are the same as the front view there isn't a lot of purpose to doing it. Most important to me is costuming clarity.

If you want to see larger, you can right click in lightbox and open the image in a new tab.

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