Thursday, February 21, 2013

Character, Cinematics, Doodles

Evening drawing! I got a bee in my bonnet this evening and decided to redo a character concept I had from a while ago, Renee Murong:

Even though I've only been doing cinematic speed paintings for a week or so I can feel that they are really helping me. It only took me about 4 hours to do this start to finish, and I'm pretty sure it's thanks to the cinematics.

Speaking of cinematics, here are some new ones:

Zodiac - one of my favorite movies

True Grit
A Beautiful Mind
I've also been mucking around with this environment for the past few days. I like the idea but I'm not sure it's coming out. I may need to trash it or redo it:

Still, it's fun to mess around with ideas, even when they don't come out the way you hope.

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