Thursday, February 28, 2013

Characters, Movie paints and Gunz

I was sitting in on the exceptional Michael Buffington's prop design class last week and he asked me to demo how I design guns in a crunch. It's a photo-compositing technique used to save time when I have to do a lot of guns quickly, and I cranked out the following during the class:

The one of the left is the marriage of a number of different real guns I found using GIS and compositing, and left was the "finished" product from the demo (painting over it, tweaking etc.). I liked how it was coming, so I took it home and did some more work on it. The line is a little more sloppy than my usual standards, but it came out pretty decently:

It's been a while since I did a gun, so this was fun to do. Maybe I'll do some more in the near future.

Here are some fast costume thumbs for the character from last time:

...And another character:

And here are a couple new movie stills from the daily 1 hour paintings:

Marie Antionette

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