Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Give Me Some Skin

Today I invested a chunk of time on skins. Making a cool prop is just one step, coming up with additional textures/ skins for it is both a fun and important conceptual step. Skins are often used as unlockables for the player or can be alternated to reuse the same 3D piece in different ways within a level. First, I revisited a gun from last week, the Eviscerator:

Ideally I'd like to offer a few more options, preferably one with a pattern but there are only so many hours in the day I guess. More work for the future!

Next I came back to the box prop from yesterday, revised the original one and did an additional two skins for it as well:

Skin 1

Skin 2

Skin 3

When I do skins for things like the service kit, I try not to simply just change the color. This isn't a color study. The great thing about applying a UV texture to a 3D object is that as long as it matches the geometry it can be different in a lot of ways, you can add or remove seams and detail elements. So I do my best to change things up but still get it all done reasonably quickly, not spend hours noodling away on something. I'll probably try to do additional skins for my other guns from last week when time allows.

I also did this hour cinematic today, Mr. Willis from pulp Fiction:

...I love that movie.

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