Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting a blog, Character design, Dragon Age

I've had blogs in the past, but I've decided to start one to post and talk about my work. I'm going to try to post work incrementally on here and use this space as an opportunity to talk about my process and what I enjoy about drawing. I guess I'll start things off with a bit of a dump.

3-5 minute life drawings with a little imaginative editing

3-5 minute life drawings with a Star Wars theme

3-5 minute life drawings - she had a sword and everything!

I wish I had more opportunities to draw male models
This semester I've been focusing on refining my ability to stylize my life drawings. I'm going for a more graphic, harder-edged look. It's taking some time to trim out the soft curves in my work, but I'm liking the progress. Drawing from models is really helpful, it reminds me how dynamic the body can really be. 

Faces of Dragon Age
I've also been working on my character design. To springboard my efforts I've been working with some existing IP that I'm enthusiastic about. I've enjoyed the Dragon Age games, so I thought that would be a fun place to start. I'm pretty much a fan of anything Bioware touches, so playing around with these characters is like joyriding in a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Leliana, why you such a BOSS?
I also did some redesigns for Alistair, Morrigan and Anders. Overall it was a fun little project, and I really enjoyed the chance to do some armor and interesting costume elements.

Alistair, owning some face.
Morrigan, ready for action.
Anders, making some bad decisions. Typical.

Games are something I'm really passionate about. While this style is very 2D animation, I'm hoping to work on some more conceptual designs in the future for other games related projects.

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