Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Life Drawings

I've been attending a workshop during the intercession, trying to get some more life drawing in when I have time. I like the fast gesture drawings because it really forces you to identify the core components of the body fast. If you fail to get the important parts it's pretty obvious, but that's the great thing about quick poses! If you mess it up another chance is only a minute away.

Some 2 minute quick poses

10 minute pose

I've been working on using my imagination to add costumes to nude poses on the fly. I like to just take the feeling of the pose and improvise, taking an extra 3-5 minutes to sketch in some details and costuming

Costumes drawn over nude quick poses from imagination
In effort to continue to try to toughen up my style I've also been doing some quick heads and faces. The progress feels slow at times, but it's fun to try and improve. I find I make a lot of default shapes and lines that I don't really like, so it almost feels like spring cleaning in a way.

Some more successful than others...

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