Sunday, April 28, 2013

New things.

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been very busy the past week or two. We're gearing up for our big spring show and I'm prepping a lot of pieces for submission. Apart from that I've had some pretty intense freelance projects that have been taking up time. Here are a couple new things I can show from the last week:

New gun! It's for the same project that the Prince and Blue Guardian are for. The project has a name now, it's called the Empire of Shadows project, and I've been having a great time working on it. This is an enemy beam weapon - the concept is that the plasma it fires is highly volatile. If you get even grazed by it, the wound must be lanced because the plasma will continue to burn into you and cannot be put out, like the embers of a fire. So regardless of how critical the injury would normally be, the wound will continue to burn deeper into the flesh until it kills you and cannot be "put out." This makes it extremely lethal, as injuries that would not normally be life threatening become fatal if they cannot be lanced or amputated. I also imagine it hurts like hell, having live plasma fires burning through you.

Here is my first view of the Palace Seat in the capital city for Empire of Shadows, before it is consumed by evil:

It's not 100% done yet, but I like the concept for it. I posted thumbnails earlier and this is where I decided to go with it. This city is the largest on the continent, and during the peaceful era it was the heart of a cultural and scientific renaissance. The next step is to evil it up this week and show its altered appearance once the warlords take it over.

Here are some one hour cinematic speed paints from this week:

Captain America
The Big Lewbowski

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  1. That Capital City looks really, really great!