Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new pieces

Here is a mini dump of some recent pieces I did. The first is a design for a mountain troll village:

I took a lot of time to think about the trolls, how intelligent they were, what sort of materials they would use, and how their houses would vary depending on the materials at hand.

Early sketches and reference

Front and back views of different house types, a sample interior
I also did this temple - the idea was that it had been built severel hundred years previously by a secular race and was later repurposed by religious fire-worshipping zealots. Therefore I had to create a design for the temple that had a dichotemy to it. I drew it in its original forest, then in its later incarnation where the humans had surrounded it with a seaside town:

I chose a blade shape for the roof because simple shapes tend to better reflect the atmosphere of their surroundings. In the forest it feels serene, in the city it feels more imposing.

I designed the temple with a circular hole in the ceiling. This allowed the sun to shine into the original meditation chamber, and also allowed it to be repurposed as a chimney for the fire burning inside to erupt from, bolstering the intimidating feeling.

Here are some early sketches:

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