Monday, June 4, 2012

Continuation, etc.

I hate titling blog posts. Maybe I should start using a random word generator. For someone who's drawn a 5 strips a week comic for 6 years I have no creativity for applying titles to things. I never know what to call my pieces, either. Ask me the name of a piece three days in a row and I'll give you three different titles. Why? Because I just pick names out of the air and forget them a moment later. I'm sure that says something about the sort of person I am.

First, I toned down the saturation on this and made a few very minor tweaks:

Then I picked the color I like and did some more studies on how the costume would respond based on movement:

I'm not afraid to admit that I used Benjamin Huen's presentation style on this. Hilarious after the last post where I was concerned about ripping him off, but really I just think the way he lays out things looks nice. I love the idea of using reflections instead of shadows. It's so much slicker for sci-fi work. I also like the idea of doing a nicely rendered front and then flat colors on the back and explanatory poses. It seems like a waste of time to perfectly render everything, once is more than enough to explain the material if the back is more or less the same, right?

I'm working on using maya for a layout. I'm doing a series of layout angles for a police station, so here is the beginning of my work on that:

It's still really simple. I'm going to do 3-4 different angles, once I start detailing it out I'm hoping it will be more clear. Some of the people are incredibly off scale, but it's an early rough. I don't normally work this way but I'm trying to explore it since I think in the long run it will really cut down on my work time. Some reference photos I used:

Shot from Black Dahlia^

Vucan Learning Center^

SF Chronicle office from Zodiac^

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