Sunday, March 18, 2012

A few things

What a week. I'm in the middle of a bunch of projects in various states of finish/ unfinish so let's start off with a comic I did about a month ago after I found out I'd won the IGDA scholarship to go to GDC:

I actually do a 5x a week comic strip for my undergraduate campus paper, and have done it for 5 years now. These days it... sometimes isn't 5 times a week. Things are pretty busy now. This one made me laugh in post though, since after having gone through GDC I think my stress and concern was actually somewhat well-placed. But in the end it turned out okay, so at least there wasn't a horror story postmortem comic that followed it up.

Things I've been working on the past couple days. The triumphant return of grandpa robot legs:

My classmate gave me the assignment wrong so I had to redo him. That sort of thing would have likely ticked me off in the past, but I'm starting to realize the more times you draw something, the better you get/ it ends up looking. I like this grandpa better than the one from last weekend. Maybe I'll just continue drawing grandpa robot legs for the rest of my life, and he will become my magnum opus.

Or.... maybe not.

Color studies:

The pink one is likely to haunt my nightmares.

Also some quick sketches of tram/ monorail car ideas. Vehicles aren't my strong suit, but I would like to improve at them, and I'll be doing a tramway system as part of my thesis if it gets approved.

So I'll probably look at those tomorrow and start refining/ doing some more iterations on that.

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