Saturday, January 21, 2012

Digital Paintings

I've done a few environment paintings over the winter break. I try to keep things short (3-4 hours) but I find I end up nit picking and noodling over them. It's a bad habit and I think it makes things look overworked. I'm trying to cut it out and be more efficient. Still, here are some progressions on recent paintings:

I actually really like the colors here, although it's a bit like an oil slick.

I've been really trying to experiment with color. I have a pet peeve with all the gritty realism I've seen in recent years, so I've been trying to create sort of a heightened realism where things look realistic but with slightly more saturated colors. I've been trying to play with color combinations and create ambiance through color choice. Sometimes it ends up looking like a leprechaun urped rainbows all over the drawing, but other times I feel like it really adds something.

Here's a drawing I've been struggling with for color choice. I ended up putting it on the back burner, so it's technically not "finished" in my mind:

Color scheme 1: late afternoon
Color scheme 2: dusk
Color scheme 3: night
Each scheme changes things differently. I like the 2nd one the best because it has the widest range of color in it, but each one adds and detracts something. It's something I'm still trying to analyze and understand better.

If you like thumbs, here was the progression for this one. Slightly different than my usual way:

Base thumb
More detail

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