Monday, September 9, 2013

New speed environments

I got back from PAX last week and I've been exhausted since. I didn't get PAX pox, but 4 days is a lot and that trip really took it out of me. Still, I got to see a lot of good friends as well as meet some new ones! Overall, it was a blast.

Here are some new speed paints. The first one was done before I left and is in the more cartoony style of the previous entry on this blog:

This next one was just to blow off some steam when I got back. I think I was going through drawing withdrawl after a week + of travel:

And this one is for a short series of travel posters I'm doing, inspired by my friend Shirong. The posters are going to be for Star Wars planets:

"Hoth: come for the scenary, stay because your tauntaun froze before the first checkpoint."
...And just because I've been listening to it on loop for 3 days, here is Short Change Hero by The Heavy:

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