Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Fun

A week ago a friend of mine, Kelley McMorris, posted a really cute redraw of a drawing she'd done as a kid. She posted the original doodle from her 8 year old self, then her redraw of it side by side. It was cute and really neat, so I thought when I went home for the holiday I'd try it if I could find some childhood drawings of mine.

I sat down yesterday and redrew "Ivy the Centaur," a drawing from when I was around 13 years old:

I think this is the first centaur I've drawn since I was 13 years old.
It was really fun to do, so I picked a different drawing from when I was 14 or so and did that one today. I think I remember the character was supposed to be a goddess of whales, in human form? Sadly I didn't really document my character creation process very well back then. ;)

"Urscia," goddess of whales

Overall it was pretty funny redrawing childhood drawings, I might do some more while I'm home for the holidays.

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  1. That is really cool!! I love the new character. It's great to see hints of your Molly style in your early drawings.