Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Work Dump: Dungeon textures

I had to do a lot of textures for a recent project involving a dungeon. I'm only going to show a few, there are truly a million of them. I did some texturing in Maya back in undergrad, but it has been a while. Nothing reacquaints you with texturing like having a whole dungeon thrown in your lap! My co-worker and I decided the look would be stylized and a little painterly. It went through a lot of iterations, some more painterly, some more colorful. In the end it was decided the colors would be pretty muted, but it was a lot of fun to do.

I have some screenshots of the Maya file, unfortunately it doesn't have the in game lighting which really shows the textures off nicely. This makes the screenshots at the bottom look a bit drab.

^Here is the master floor texture. It was a demo dungeon, so it was to show three different levels in one space.

^Some different types of walls, a door, and a column. Also the ash from a pillar that burns in-game. I think my co-worker might have taken a pass at the metal on the door too, so I don't get full credit on that one.

^Here is the dungeon screenshot, minus in-game lighting.

^Here are close-ups of the different area textures. I didn't do the exterior brick wall, that was placeholder. A bit drab without the lighting, but it was still pretty neat to work on things that actually show up in the player experience. One of the things about being a concept artist is you draw a lot of cool things that inform the final product, but you don't get to see anything you yourself made in the game. So this was pretty fun for me. I did some storyboards and UI work for this too.

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