Friday, August 3, 2012

Interior Spaces, Putting Clothes on Naked People

I was lucky to land an internship this summer, so things have been pretty busy. I've been drawing a lot though, so here are a few personal things I've been working on lately...

A big thing I did recently for a group directed study I've been taking is an interior environment piece for my thesis. Part of the thesis takes place in Moscow of 1812, as Napoleon rolls in and the city gets burned. My villain has a secret attic study, so I wanted to design the room.

First I planned it out:

In order to get a good idea of the space I looked at period buildings for the area, then roughed out the layout and ideas:

Then I did some line:

Rough value:

Refined value:

And finally color:

I worked on this after work and during lunch off and on over 2 weeks, I think it came out reasonably well. I really enjoy coloring pieces, but I tend to over-saturate I think.

Here is a naked lady I drew from life in class:

I went home and put clothes on her, made her into one of my thesis characters:

Here's another Maya to line piece, working on my police station:

Here's a funky in class exercise we did, we had 20 minutes to take some styrofoam shapes and make them into buildings. It's odd, but I kind of liked how this one came out:

 Lots more to come.


  1. SECRET attic! The knifed dummy mannequin is so very you. Your work is looking amazing.