Thursday, February 16, 2012

So I hear you like thumbnails

...Actually I have no idea what you like. Do you like thumbnails? Because the soup d'jour is thumbnails.

I've been working on an interpretation of Old Man and the Sea for a club project. I'm resetting the story in a location where the old man is a member of a desert steppe village and hunts rogue AI machines with a harpoon gun on some kind of sand ship. It's not really a concrete idea yet, but I think it's going to be sort of a technological fantasy. I like the idea of a lone elderly hunter taking down killer robots with a harpoon gun, something about that resonates with me as especially bad ass.

So... I looked at a lot of references of fishermen. I wanted him to be ripped, but in a 65 year old sort of way. I was surprised at the sort of guns for find on older guys who haul nets for a living. I'm not sure we know much about the Old Man's past, but I like the idea that he was attacked by a robot  resulting in the loss of his leg(s) and so he tracked that robot across the dune sea, slew it and used it's legs for a prosthesis. A leg for a leg!

Also I've been doing some robots. I have three separate projects right now involving robots of different types so it's looking to be semester of the robot. Probably good for me. Girls don't usually grow up drawing robots, they grow up drawing horses and stuff. Oh wait, I'm rubbish at horses too. I'll just show myself out now.


So, just a variety. I'll be modeling one in Maya and that needs to be bipedal in a generally humanoid shape. The lower hunter type robots I was thinking of for the above project. Just brainstorming for now.

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